How to Make the Fed’s Interest Rate Hike Work For You!


The news is out! The Fed’s have raised the benchmark interest rate. The rates have been at historic lows for several years…yes years, so it was inevitable. It’s been a good run and although this rate increase likely marks the beginning of the end of historically low rates, don’t despair. There is a silver lining to both buyers and sellers.

The good news for Buyers is that rates are still very low comparatively. Rates are currently hovering in the 4.25% range. Not a bad rate at all and one that you should take advantage of to maximize your purchasing power. Give me a call to discuss your opportunities.

And the news for Sellers is even better. Yesterday’s rate increase has ignited a perfect storm! With the forecast that rates were likely going to increase, we’ve seen a huge surge of Buyers recently enter the market eager to take advantage of the low rates. Now that rates are officially on their way up and housing inventory is at the lowest levels of the year given the season, we can expect to see even more Buyer activity making NOW the perfect time to list and sell your house. The math is simple: Lots of active Buyers + Low inventory = a Sellers Market! If you have been considering selling your home in the Spring don’t wait! Call me to discuss how I can help you get top dollar for your home and set the terms and conditions of the sale that work best for you!

As always, I’m here for you for all of your real estate needs. And I work by referral so please send your friends and family who are looking to buy, sell or invest my way!

Cheers to YOUR Success,